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    FreudBot - The friendly robotronic psychoanalyst

    Hey there,

    I'd like to introduce to you our current mobile game called FreudBot which is currently in beta stage. But everybody may play it already by just joining the beta test community at

    FreudBot is a single-player 2D action card game for Android and Windows Store. Help Steve face every day fears like bullying bosses and pesky mothers-in-law!


    You are Steve, a weak and mentally problematic supermarket employee. Steveís days are no fun at all: His boss forces him to do overtime and weekend work, the youths in the subway make fun of him and now his girlfriend Samantha wants Steve to meet her parents! How should Steve overcome all this pressure?

    Just in time Dr. FreudBot, a symphatic and brilliant robotic psychoanalyst, arrives to help Steve out of this misery! He will lead and teach Steve for the next 9 days, making him mentally stronger! On their journey they encounter many angry, nasty, weird or annoying opponents Steve has to face. Will he finally be mentally strong enough to meet the parents of his girlfriend? And was FreudBot really sent by Stevesís health insurance?


    Dr. FreudBot discovered everything about bad vibes which are sent by the opponents and teaches Steve his patented good vibes which can counter them. But of course Steve has to decide which vibe to play to keep his aggression, doubt and fear low till the end of the conflict.

    While this may not be that difficult in the beginning, the challenges soon become harder with more time pressure and categories which have to match the one of the enemy vibe.

    Donít worry, FreudBot will explain every detail in his unique, ingenious and humourous manner. Just let him guide your way!

    Dev Status

    As I mentioned we are currently in beta stage. This means the version is content and feature complete and we are looking for friendly people who like to be the first ones to play the adventures of Steve and FreudBot! Just join the beta test community if you like :)

    We plan to release the final version in about 1 week for Android. The Windows Store version is already submitted and should be in stores on Monday! An iOS version is planned but we will first check how it goes on the two other platforms.

    As we are just a little indie studio from Hamburg, Germany, we don't have a big marketing budget (none to be honest ;) ). So if you have any contacts, tips, sites,... how we can spread the word for our little fellow FreudBot, send me a message or just answer in this thread!

    Last but not least a little gameplay video from an early Alpha version. We will record one from the beta version soon! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Google+!

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    Release for Windows and Google Play Store!

    Next milestone: Done!

    FreudBot is available for your Windows Store and Android devices now! Go and get it from the Google Play Store and from the Windows Store!

    Be it a discussion with your boss why you are too late again, disrespectful offenses from teenagers in the subway or an inner fight with your own fear. All those conflicts come down to counter the bad vibes which are sent against you with FreudBots newly-discovered, patented good vibes!

    In over 40 comic levels you will accompany Steve to become a mentally stable person who finally dares to meet his future parents-in-law. Hopefully you will learn your own lessons how to fight your aggression, doubt and fear and how the four powers of the id, ego, super-ego and ultra-ego work against each other. Can you take control again of your puny human existence?

    The game has been fully localized in German and English. The languages Italian, Spanish and French will follow soon.

    Furthermore we need your help to spread the word:
    - Tell your friends, family and strangers on the streets about FreudBot
    - Play the game yourself of course
    - Leave a rating and a review in the store, so other people will see how great the game is
    - If you know any press folks, tell them about the game, so they spread the word, too!

    Thanks for all your support! We worked hard to get out the best game we could and now are very curious how it is received by the players!

    For more information, visit and follow FreudBot on Twitter and Facebook.

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