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    Bloc - Cybernations with genocide (multiplayer cold war political simulation game)

    I don't have a degree in marketing or friends with degrees in marketing (thank god) so apologies if this is a terrible pitch.

    MMO browser games are generally boring time-sinks that simply aren't fun, but for some reason I have been making one over the past couple of weeks! It's probably most similar to games like cybernations or nationstates, but I've also borrowed elements from other political strategy games like everything Paradox has ever done, Tropico, and some weird oldies like Balance of Power and Hidden Agenda.

    You are the leader of a third world nation during the Cold War. You can do all things nations in that time period did - develop your economy, buddy up with either the US or USSR, make everyone call you Dear Leader, bomb other countries with chemical weapons, get invaded by a Coalition of the Willing, etc. You do this in competition with hundreds of other player-run nations, who, yes, you can invade and gas and nuke. If that's your kinda thing this is the game for you!

    The game is not a massive time investment, and you can do everything in 15 minutes a day. It is a text game entirely in your browser, and is totally free (I don't even have ads up at the moment). I have no intention of adding micro-transactions or any of that bullshit, the most I'll do at some vague point in the future is give donors the option to have a custom flag or something.

    Oh yeah, the URL:

    Here are some screenshots of a text game so uh... enjoy:

    To make this look more official looking here is a list of cool features:


    > When your government is more authoritarian the more descriptors are added in front of "Republic of." So a terrible dictatorship is called something along the lines of Great Revolutionary Democratic People's Republic, while a nice democracy merely goes by Republic.

    > You can bomb your enemies to the disastrous point that their people rise up in revolution and ruin their country and kill them haha.

    > Cold War so you can align with either of the big superpowers and piss in the others face yelling about communists/capitalists.

    That's it I think. Check it out!
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