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    Hah- I promise you won't regret it. I liked the look of this Fractal case:

    The friendly salesguy recommended it , and it looks like newegg agrees.

    I went with a corsair 550D. Excellent venting, quiet as a whisper, easy to work with. A couple of the case fan mounts really only fit corsair fans (though you can improvise a bit), but that's just a minor grumble compared to the rest of the package.

    Good luck.

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    Corsair 550D is a sound-dampened case. Fractal Design Arc Midi isn't. They're both much more expensive and much better than the Asgard. Really, the Asgard isn't bad for the price, you just get what you pay for.

    When you're buying an assembled computer, I think it may make sense to get a relatively affordable case. You're not going to be affected by it much if the case is difficult to work with. There is such a thing as too cheap though, with regard to noise for example.

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    Yeah, DinoPC offers the new Arc Midi and 550D (among many others) as an upgrade. Corsair's Carbide 200R is the cheapest of their offerings I'd recommend; the 300R's better. Neither are spiffy dampened chassis like the 550D, but they're not £86.60 extra, either. Fractal Design's Define R4 is also dampened and is £40.30 cheaper from Dino; it doesn't have quite the fit & finish of the 550D but I've messed with both, and the R4's a fine, solid choice...

    If this is what you're looking at:

    then you only need alter the HDD, GPU, optical, peripherals and finally the case (those speakers will be a touch bad, btw). The stock 450W PSU will be fine and the Dark Knnnnniggit Nighthawk CPU cooler isn't necessary over the Norse God of Mischief unit. Now, if they had the Super-Blasto Ultra-Mega Black Warrior Mamba 6500 MkII, that'd be the cooler to get. Alas.

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    Great! I have moved the PSU and cooler down and changed the case to the 300R over the R4 as its quite a bit more compact, thanks again for all the advice guys I am really pleased with how its turned out!

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