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    The newbie SL question thread : class capabilities, tactics, strategy, etc.

    Being a SL in the TACGIR system is a whole new dimension to the game. You're used to play a group of classes, and handle your own self, but then suddenly, you have to think about all the classes, and how to get 12 people to be where they should, and make them as efficient as possible for your objective. It's fun to play, but you will probably discover some things about the game that you weren't aware of. Here is the good place to ask them.

    I will start with my own question : AA capabilities.
    Last Thursday, the PL asked our squad to handle AA duties. As someone who plays mainly Infiltrator (and Engineers/Medic when needed), that was something I never think about. Of course I know very well about the turrets I keep hacking, but I didn't know anything about "how does the infantry defends against Airplanes".

    Luckily the awesome guys in my team knew about that, and pulled out MAXes, and we did mostly OK on that duty. (Note for newbie SL : your team is awesome, don't hesitate to ask them what you don't know. Better learn it on the go and make your squad better rather than stay silent for fear of showing weakness)
    Now that the fight is over, I would like an exhaustive list of what is good AA.
    - Turrets
    - Vehicles, if correctly equipped.
    - MAXes. Do all MAXes have AA capabilities ? Can the default MAX weapons handle AA ?
    - Can heavy assault handle AA duties ? With default or custom set up ?
    - Any other way to handle AA ?

    Note for self : try others classes as much possible in the next few days. When I started, I wasn't expecting to be SL for a long time, and especially not SL in TACGIR settings where people rely only on you. But I definitely wants to do it again, so I better start training for the job.

    PS for the mods : I'm starting this thread because even though it overlaps several other threads (WAS, com setup, etc.), it also explore new things and talk about things in a different ways. It's not about the weapon/coms I will buy later, it's about what to do with the weapons/coms I currently have. If you think it's useless/redundant, feel free to merge it with others threads.
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