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    [VS] The Giraffe Guides - Certification and Equipment

    The Giraffe Certification Guide

    The Giraffe Equipment Guide

    The guides in the above links are a reference for new Giraffes to our outfit (Rock Planet Shotgun - ingame outfit tag [RPS] - aka "the Purple Giraffes"), to help them better decide how to spend their Cert Points and/ or StationCash and upgrade their characters' classes and vehicles as they start their journey on Auraxis. It is not meant as a strict progression to be followed. It is a collection of helpful pointers towards the direction that you, the bright new Giraffe, would like to explore, based on the experience of veteran players who regret some rather unfortunate Cert decisions or not making some good ones even earlier than they did.

    Credit goes to these amazing Giraffes: Qaz, Cfftble, WallyTrooper, Rizlar, GinSoakedBoy, Bonkers, CMaster, Grible, and Gibbonius, for contributing to the guide.

    If you have any comments, questions, suggestions etc for the guide, you can discuss them in the following thread:
    [Miller - Vanu Outfit] Discussion of the Giraffe Guides - Certification and Equipment

    Also, there is a thread for a more in-depth discussion of weapons. Details, handling, personal preferences and tips, and so on:
    WAS - Weapon Appreciation Society

    Finally, here are two helpful links:

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