On May 12th EsotericReverie will be leading a training session consisting of:

  • Tour of one safe major facility (Tech, Amp, Bio) - est 20 minutes
  • Tour of one safe support structure (Tower, Outpost) - est 10 minutes
  • Goal-oriented Attack/Defense of these specific structures in a contested situation - est 30 minutes to 1 hour

The goal of the first part of this event is to familiarize new players with the layout of a specialized facility, explain common attack and defense setups, and determine goals for the following live-fire situation. Goals will be specific, achievable objectives determined by Eso. Examples include:

  • Take the horizontal generator and hold it for two minutes
  • Jump the wall as a squad of Light Assault and disable a generator
  • Defend point A in a Biolab
  • Capture an outpost
  • Infiltrate and hack a Tower. Spawn a Sunderer.

As outlined above, this session will require about 30 minutes of your attention while someone else talks before you will have any real fun. If this doesn't sound like something that's for you, that's fine and there's nothing wrong with you. We'll continue to refine this process until we come up with a lesson plan that works.

Eso will probably have to work with whatever Mumble channel is open that night, so when you join please go directly to him for instructions on where to meet up. A Galaxy will likely leave from the Warpgate at his chosen continent.

This thread will be for feedback and discussion AFTER the event. I'm hoping to get it stickied to the front page until the 12th. Please do not post here with suggestions or RSVPs. I will edit here if anything needs to be changed before then.

PS: Event discussion thread: EsotericReverie Teaches Facilities!

PPS: General training discussion thread: For Training: If you want it, share your goals

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