The Basics:

  1. Be excellent to each other! This means striving towards a friendly, positive and constructive forum atmosphere.
  2. Please speak English. I know, but our foreign is shockingly bad.
  3. If you'd like to share with us the game you're making or your gaming-related project, please head over to the "Promotions" subforum.
  4. You cannot create new threads until you have made 8 good posts. Those first 8 posts will be approved by a moderator before appearing on the site.
  5. Report spam or inappropriate behaviour using the Report Post button (danger sign icon in the left lower corner of each post).

On the meaning of 'Be Excellent'

All the people on this forum are excellent: you are excellent, we are all equal, so everybody else is too. Please treat people as you'd like to be treated. Should you encounter examples of unexcellency, please keep calm, hit the report button, and carry on: moderators will take care of it, so you don't need to.

We believe every one of us is smart enough to know what is and isn't good behavior, but in general, please:

  • DO treat people as your equal.
    We are all equals here, so please try and stay positive and friendly at all times. No, really. It's even possible to disagree with someone without insults or personal attacks. Also, please remember that discussions are not won but that the hearts of other forum dwellers may be.
  • DO stay on your own level when encountering hostile attitudes.
    If someone is being unexcellent, use the report button! Don't lower yourself to their standards. It's a waste of both your energy and the time of the moderators who will have to clean the mess up.
  • DON'T treat people as your lesser because of hormones, genes or any inborn traits.
    This includes advocating sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic attitudes and ideologies. Videogames are for everybody!
  • DO think before you post.
    Always take a bit of a read through your post before you publish it. Think to yourself, "Do I sound like a dick by saying this? Is there a way I can say the same thing without doing that?". Remember that this is the internet and no one can guess your intent. Your message is what you convey and what you convey is your responsibility.
  • DON'T post racial slurs of any kind regardless of context.
  • DO remember that when you make a post here, you publish that content to RPS.
  • It may be cliché, but with great power comes great responsibility: "It's not in the rules!" is not an excuse for bad behaviour and the administration has the final word on what behaviour is and isn't appropriate.
  • DO respect people's privacy
    Gossip does not contribute to the constructive discussions we want to create.
  • DO keep this forum "Work safe".
    Mark clearly any link to NSFW content you wish to discuss, and please remember that many people browse this forum whilst at work or near children. As a general rule of thumb: if it would be censored or removed from the front page's header images, it should be put behind a link.
  • DO keep your signature reasonable.
    In general, please:
    Use formatting sparingly
    Don't exceed 6 lines, including blank ones
    Stay at the default forum text size or lower

  • DO make sure that you're not silencing, intimidating, alienating or sucking up all the air.
    We want the RPS forums to be a safe space. That means that if you walk into a thread and post about how you "don't care" or "don't want to read" about the subject, or "wish we could just talk about [what you want to talk about]", or if you are dismissive of others, or too loud, or if we simply think you are creating a bad or offputting atmosphere for any reason, then we will ask you to ease off, delete your posts, or eject you entirely, just as would happen if the forum was a youth group, debate group or any other kind of real world discussion group.

And a reminder:
If you have any questions or a problem with another user that can not easily be explained in an report, please PM a moderator.

The currently active moderators are: Anthile, alms, Grizzly and Squiz.

Party on!
- The RPS Staff.