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    Lost my thumbnails

    I appear to have lost thumbnails in Windows 7 for all video files, wmv, mp4, flv etc. Pictures are okay, jpg, bmp, gif etc - just video files, I can only see icons. What the hell? Nothing much has changed on my system from the last time I could see them.

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    Yeah, so I'm still missing thumbnails.

    Obviously view thumbnails instead of icons is ticked. I've tried deleting the IconCache.db file and Windows created a new one - still no change. Tried uninstalling K-Lite video codecs and updated my graphics cards drivers twice since my thumbnails disappeared, still no thumbnails for all AVI, MPG, MP4, FLV and WMV.

    Need some help here...

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    Since it only affects video files (and seemingly all of the more common ones), it sounds to me as though the file type association has been mucked up, and is pointing to a program that doesn't want to play ball for whatever reason. Perhaps this discussion offers some helpful suggestions.
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