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    Post [VS] Official Outfit Logo, Font and Graphics

    At long last, the outfit finally has its 'Official' Logo, font and graphics!
    This post serves as a repository of currently in use art assets.

    "Supermassive" Originals:


    Note: Above large files and should only be used by those who would like to use the elements to create their own variant of the logo.

    Merged 300dpi Large .psd with transparent background.
    For resizing:

    Scalable Vectors:

    Logo SVG:
    Scalable Vector Graphics. No planet texture.

    Text logo SVG:

    The below images have been made with an equal crop of 100px from all sides of the original.

    [RPS] Logo PNG Transparent:
    128x with Transparent BG:

    128x with Transparent BG (No Planet Texture):

    256x with Transparent BG:

    1024x with Transparent BG:

    [RPS] Logo PNG Black Background:
    128x with Black BG:

    128x with Black BG (No Planet Texture):

    256x with Black BG:

    1024x With black BG:


    800x for YouTube:

    Youtube Background:
    Illustrator File:

    Youtube 'Plasma Ball' Variant:
    Transparent BG:

    Off Center:
    Layered File:


    Outfit font:
    We have settled on "Faktos", which can be found at dafont:

    Still to come?:
    There may be some additions, such as:
    -Background assets
    -Extended palette

    Any changes, additons or new assets will be added if and when they are created.

    A massive thank you to everybody who has been a part of the design process over the past few months. While it has had its fair share of ups and downs, I think you will all agree that the final product was worth the wait.

    Special thanks to Cooper for helping me to drive the process and Rizlar for providing us with many hours of his time and graphical work to help piece together the ideas.

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