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    Heard of a Browser-based MMO Simulation Called eRepublik?

    Heard of it recently which is quite a hit here, spread from Hong Kong I think but the game should be from the west. As I know it's F2P. Strategy game with powers competing to dominate the world through implementation of economic and military strategies. Players here love to play as Nationalists who have now fled to Taiwan. (In other countries, you will probably be guilty of treason for playing as overthrown regime. Here no one from the government gives a damn). Some even played as Imperial Qing.

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    Just when you thought these damn link bait games had finally died.
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    Oh wow, this is still going on? I remember playing this.... well, before WoW came out. Some things just refuse to die, apparently.

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    May I offer a better version of it! :) The game I've been working on WorldAlpha.

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    I played the game for a few months.

    eRepublik can be a intense experience. Its a game with a *huge* metagame. I even developed software for the game.

    It can also be extenuating, and create real rivalities and real hates.

    I am Spanish myself, but ended having to escape to UK to live in UK. I still love Spain, but its easier to love Spain from the distance :D

    I think my character is in walles, because there was some politician in that place that made me laught.

    Its a great game everyone should experience at least once in his life.

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