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    Cool DotA2 Team - SSMB

    Hi guys,

    We're setting up an amateur team for DotA2, it'll be for fairly regular play, TMM and even some fun in amateur tourni's.

    Currently our roster is:

    -DenieD (Me)
    -Soup(aka SpecialSoup, also known as the guy thats a great clockwork player but can't use the ulti :P)

    The team name is "Slark Stole My Bicycle".

    We're currently in the group stages of the AbsoluteBedlam Dota tourni. We're after 1-2 more members, initially as substitutes however there is every possibility for that to change as with us being casual getting everyone together regularly can be difficult, substitutes will get chances to play basically.

    We try to meet every Tuesday or Thursday night (one or the other usually) for some practise (around 9pm UK time), TMM and scrims vs other teams and on weekends when possible.

    The skill level of our lineup I would say is medium to high for a casual team but we need alot of work on coordination and strategies, this definitely isn't a team for someone looking to walk in and stomp pubs.

    We'll probably trial people by playing with them for a bit first however if interest is high we'll setup some team games and spectate to watch people... tactics we can all learn together but a general understanding of the game is of course required.

    If your interested please drop me a PM on here and I'll get something organised.
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