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    I am searching for an animated series

    I remember that the intro had something to do with bacteria in the clouds dropping down with the rain and infecting people, a secret team that's like x-files\xcom responding, an episode about a mars invasion machinery that converts people into skeletons in vacuum suits with hand cannons for soldiers.
    It was something too creepy to be a children's show and I can't get this out of my mined after watching it like 10 years ago...

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    Men In Black?

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    TVTropes can probably help you there.

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    That sounds like it could be Heavy Metal: The Movie. It's, well, a movie but it's episodic. Also very bizarre.

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    It's defiantly not Men in Black or Heavy Metal and I searched TvTropes's "You Know That Show" and couldn't fined it so I posted it there, also thank you guys.

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    Is it Tekkaman Blade?

    A patrol squad of Earth's space defense rescued a boy of amesia, couldn't recall even his own name. The team befriended with him and called him D boy. Turn out this boy was the survivor of an exploration team being abducted by an alien race coming for the Earth. I said "survivor" because the whole crew of the team were being transformed into some armored beings. Not exactly cyborgs because they were not actually mechanic. They were still completely creature mutated from human beings. The whole crew except one old man who was deemed not suitable for the transformation process. He managed to escape the disposal and with his last strength help the escape of his younger son, a member of the crew, right after the poor boy had already underwent the biological transformation process but before the final brainwash. This poor boy was D Boy. (D is abbreviated from "dangerous")

    D Boy would have to battle his former, then brainwashed and transformed comrades one by one. Those transformed beings actually all retained their memories, but for some reason were "convinced" by the aliens to view D Boy as their nemesis. Interesting, however, his younger sister transformed who was supposed to have being brainwashed too, eventually stood on D Boy's side to defend the Earth, only to be executed by other transformed.

    I recalled that later while the alien race beings themselves finally reached the Earth, they also converted other human beings captured to be their armored salves, too.

    Quite an old Japanese anime in early 90s.
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    Invasion America?

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