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I get your point that people can get used to everything, but I'm just reeling at how much it really did look like you were saying Steam = XboxOne. After all, a non-connected PC is a rarity, but a non-connected Xbox is common, and the cultures for each are different.
Where did I say the two were identical? All I did was edit a quote for humerous effect and noted that when Steam first landed it went through a similar period of hatred with people swearing not to use it and so on. I still have an old PC PowerPlay magazine (a popular PC gaming mag here in Australia, at least it used to be) with an article complaining about Steam and how it only penalised honest users (from 2004 when HL2 came out). That's all. If you read my post I actually don't agree with what they're proposing here, but I do doubt it's going to kill the console.

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Steam is not the only way to buy and play PC games. Shocking, I know.
No, but it's one of the most popular, and so many AAA retail games now require Steam, so...