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    I think that's the bigger problem in the "west" - connections going down, or being repaired, or moving house and waiting for things to get connected, or taking your console somewhere which doesn't have one, etc - rather than people just not having the internet full-stop. It is a gamble on MS' part, but not one I think will ultimately precipitate the downfall of the console. I'm more put off by the performance as it stands - the ps4 has potentially 50% more grunt for the same s. Exclusively are another sticking point. I'm not down on MS franchises - Halo and Gears are ok for what they are (mindless cinematic shooters), and Forza has always been excellent - but they simply don't have as many as Sony. I don't know whether it's something MS either don't get, despite Balmers on-stage ranting , or aren't willing to pay for directly, but they need DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS.
    Again, I think you may be surprised by the number of people in The West who do not have either a high speed internet connection or and internet connection at all.

    I have heard developers repeatedly claim that almost everyone has high speed internet now but it's just not true. Plus it's the kind of statement that belittles those without access. first hits on google

    On a plus note, I am pleasantly surprised at the UK numbers. but that's still a large chunk without connection
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