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Actually I can think of one gaming feature that would fundamentally change the gaming industry.

Allow usual keyboard+mouse to work on the game consoles. I am sure game consoles will become unchallenged platforms. Since by then game consoles will be able to do what PC cannot on gaming and no vice versa.

And it's not such a great change, I still don't understand why both Sony and MS are so hostile to WASD on game consoles.
First, what can consoles do that PC's cannot?

Second, keyboard and mouse hasn't been used for consoles because it goes against the design of consoles. Keyboards and mouse are clunky, they require a dedicated space of their own. They're not great for using on a couch or sitting back in a chair, basically anywhere without a desk or something to rest them on. Joypads don't have that problem.

There have been some games before that let you use a Keyboard, but by and large most are designed around a set amount of buttons on a controller.