Howdy guys! We here at newly created Fireflies Studios have just released our first game called D-Shift. If you like arcade-y games, welcome a challenge and dream of flying around in space, then read on!

D-Shift is an arcade style, on rails shooter, set in outer space, where you fly an agile fighter ship and complete fast paced and dangerous missions. Your main objective is to collect power crystals; the more you collect, the better your final mission rank will be. Dodging fire from a number of powerful enemies and turrets, avoiding deadly space mines and asteroids, and dealing as much damage as possible along the way also affects your ranking.

Our game features a unique mechanic called the Dimension Drive, which shifts your ship into an alternate dimension and allows you to fly through obstacles for a short amount of time. Using the drive can be dangerous however, as dimensions are chosen at random and can be either beneficial or detrimental to your ship. You can use the drive whenever you want, up to three times, as a means of escape if you get into trouble.

The game is focused on delivering a fast paced, bullet hell experience that you will want to replay to improve your ranking and perfect your skill.

The trailer for D-Shift can be found here, and I have included some promotional shots of the game at the end of this post.

So what are you waiting for? Get shifting!