Today sees the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition on the Android Market. Only Xperia Play owners will be able to play/access the game for now. The release comes with a 6.99 charge for the game, or a free demo. The full version features 36 different blocks that mimics the inventory of the Classic Minecraft version. The world though is where there is a huge difference. The graphics will rival many decent pc desktops or laptops. Instead of having a small world like the original classic version did did, MPE, has a randomly seeded world that people can actually join over local multiplayer. While originally announced that multiplayer would not be initially available, this is a nice bonus for those of us who are about to buy minecraft.... again. Unfortunately the game has to be rebought, and that's a small sacrifice to be able to say your minecraft addiction is now fully portable.
A limited demo is also available, and only limits the selection of blocks. Both versions implement an alpha style create/destroy by one click block placement. Graphically it's like playing with the second view distance selected. Random seed gives some nice land to explore as well. The multiplayer server option is a one click single privatization as well. You can go from having an open server to a closed server in a fraction of a second. Also the multiplayer world maps you join can also be saved. Unfortunately this does open the door for griefers, but as we all know, dbags usually won't pay for a game anyway, so we will all be grief free...for now.
All in all, a fun game, a bit overpriced for an app, but I will be enjoying this during the 6 hours I will spend on the road today between states.

Any questions, just let me know.

I will post my own screen caps once I find a good version you don't have to root to use.

-TAO out. Have to use the bathroom while mining IT'S SKYNET IN DISGUISE!