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    (Skyrim) Absurdly specific mod question.

    Hello! This is my first post outside the cosy nest of the Planetside 2 board, and I've got a question for you! I'm looking for a mod, one that will essentially remove/make very rare most of the upper tiers of weaponry. Glass, Daedric, Dwarven etc. It's kind of a realism thing I guess, as I've played the game through several times, and I think I'd prefer to rely on and upgrade a small number of steel or iron swords, instead of continually picking up a lot of these brightly coloured swords. The problem seems to be that all the weapon related mods are about adding new ones to the game, which I don't have too much of a problem with, but it's hard to sift through all of those.

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    Morrowloot seems a decent fit, though it also affects armor.

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    That does look good, thanks!

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    That mod looks like something to make skyrim a lot more realistic. And I'll be downloading because the description actually calls me wuss. The description is bolder than I am. Thanks!

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    Morrowloot is a great idea, I'd be using it if it played nice with the other mods I need.

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    Morrowloot is, quite simply, the best there is for making rare loot actually rare, where Skyrim is concerned. I used it for the longest time, and spent about 20 levels with nothing better than Steel. If I wanted Elven, I had to find a Thalmor and go TAKE it. When I finally found a Daedric Sword in a suitably difficult location, it was rewarding in the extreme. Highly recommend it, to the point where I think, for your request, it IS the list.

    One thing, though: Load jaysus swords and immersive weapons/armor AFTER Morrowloot. This will insure you still see those armors and weapons. Unfortunately, it will also mean you still get rarer stuff too easily where weapons and armor are concerned...i recommend modding the leveled lists of those armor/weapon mods for your own personal use.

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