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As I've seen plenty of times in life in general, and sadly sometimes on this forum, 'asking nicely' is very subjective. I always think a couple of shifts in retail could cure some people of their bad interaction habits.
The problem is the internet. Even with voice comms, it's hard to get the intent of the message because you can't see body language. Add that to not everyone speaking English natively (which means grammar and inflection from the native language can carry over into English or vice versa), and you have a recipe for misinterpreted communication.

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Boris, I don't see why you're suggesting that I'm claiming I have knowledge of everything.

If the person who I'm talking about did indeed ask nicely before then I can understand getting frustrated, I still don't agree with the manner in which it was asked though, there's nicer ways of doing it than just turning on someone. If that person was not logged in and asking before me, then my point still stands.

Also, in case it's unclear, you are not the person I'm talking about.
I'm not. However, I do want to make the facts clear because I think you might have formed a different picture because you didn't have some information. To be honest, this is a while ago now and I don't even remember who you're talking about.