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    Bwhaaat? Blood Bowl Star Coach beta popped up on Steam

    It's the F2P "management" game. Not sure whether I should be excited.
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    Tried it out briefly and so far...meh.

    It's obviously an early beta as the client keeps hanging in places.

    For the actual game it seems you can challenge 5 people a day who have 2 hours to respond to you, so far my skaven are 0.1.2 so that's going badly :P

    Your team is only 7 players from the 6 basic teams you chose from. From there you can seemingly hire different players, level them up as they gain xp and pick various tactics for the team.

    The tactics bit is the biggest setting, you can chose and edit the starting offensive and defensive setups and pick these each time you send or recieve a challenge to suit various opponents. You can also give individual players various "if then" statements from a fairly extensive list.

    To be honest I think it could be interesting and a little time sink, but I highly doubt it'll give anything of the actual BB game to me. Would be best suited to being on tablets whilst you're doing something else but it doesn't really seem to have enough depth for a management style game, but then I never was a football manager player.

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