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    Trying to extract audio from Bioshock 1

    I tried following this old RPS "How To" but I can't playback any sounds, specifically I'm actually trying to extract the sound effects rather than the music. RPS says to drag the fsb file into the main MusicPlayerEx window and a playlist appears -well not for me it doesn't, just the file which it can't play (FMOD eror! <25> Unsupported file or audio format).

    Oh, and I have to run MusicPlayerEx from the .bat file because the .exe doesn't work, an error says:
    "Windows cannot find 'javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again". I've got Java 7 installed (but only because I play Minecraft), not sure that I need it to run MusicPlayerEx.

    On a slightly different approach I used Game Extractor to pull the wav files out of the fsb's. Unfortunately nothing seems to want to play these extracted wavs, not even GoldWave with it's choice of import options for non-standard formats.

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    All I wanted was "scabby on my knee!"

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