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    Fraps, my voice sounds like I'm stoned!

    After much messing with Fraps, inputs and volume levels, I have finally got the hang of commentating on gameplay.

    However, my voice sounds stoned on playback, as if it has been slightly slowed and echoed by the software. Extensive Googling has proved fruitless. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong? I have the latest version of Fraps and am using a cheapo headset plugged in to the front of my PC via two 3.5mm jack (one for headphone and one for mic). I know the headset is cheap, but it shouldn't be causing me to sound as retarded as I do.

    I have noticed there is lag between my speech and hearing myself through the headphones and it would seem that Fraps is using the time I start speaking physically, to the time when I stop through my headphones (perhaps 0.2 of a second later) and stretching the audio to fit that timescale.


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    I would record you audio with Audacity or some other software. Allows you to tune it up more if required.

    And a new mic. I have found no no headset mic work well for commentating.

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    Check your audio drivers and stuff, make sure they're current.

    Moraven's right about using Audacity instead of Fraps for audio. Fraps has a storied history of sync issues. I don't like Fraps, personally, and haven't used it in a long time. Have you fiddled with the audio options to see if that changes anything? I'd just as soon recommend a free alternative, e.g. MSI's Afterburner utility, Open Broadcaster Software, FFSplit, etc.

    Your mic works well otherwise, right? I mean, do you sound OK through Mumble or Audacity? If your mic's just wonky, you can get respectable sound out of $30-50 USB dynamic and condenser mics from CAD, Samson, Audio-Technica et al. If you don't want a stand-mount you can also get decent phone and USB lavalier mics around that price.
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