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Thread: Rezzed meet up

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    Rezzed meet up

    Alright guys, I did quick search and nothing came up. Are there any fellow programmers or like minded wannabe game developers who are attending Rezzed this year in Birmingham?

    Just thinking that those who know programming, art or design (Or even all of the above) and are interested in starting a spare-time project and would like to meet their like minded fellows. The reason I bring this up, is my team from university is currently undergoing a bit of a crisis (Debate about assets belonging to people, even if others contributed), and as such I've decided to, essentially, tell the team to **** themselves.
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    thats not a very upbeat note of wanting to meet at rezzed :D

    And all assets generally belong to whomever created them, probably with the exception of code. You just have the right to use them "eternally", commercially.

    Atleast, thats how I handle it, thats how Austria handles it.

    (I will be at rezzed though)
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