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    Dominions 3 Faerūn map multiplayer game

    Well, lets try something a little crazy. Who would be up for a game of dominions 3 on the faerūn map? We only need 24 people. I expect we need all nations of a certain era, but the era itself is not yet picked so suggestions are welcome.

    So who is up for a game?

    The map can be found here: (look for faerūn 466 - adventure - fixed start locations)

    Contact details

    Map: Alexander
    Age: all
    Skill level: we take all
    Turn times: TBA (faster in the beginning, slowing down over time I expect)
    Victory conditions: TBA
    Mods: CBM 1.94
    Admins: multiple, just in case

    joining faq:

    Players: (19/24)

    Dominicus - EA Agratha - Signed up
    Heliocentric, the Ice Giant - LA Bogarus - Signed up
    Jameshank1 - EA Atlantis - Signed up
    Lasikbear - LA Ctis - Signed up
    Rotekian, the Mad - MA Bandar Log - Signed up
    Jarvis - MA r'lyeh - Signed up
    Kelron - MA Pythium - Signed up
    Mkivcs - MA Ermor - Signed up
    Undercovergeek - EA Hinnom - Signed up
    Screwie - MA T'ien Ch'i - Signed up
    Nahru2 - MA Machaka - Signed up
    Eschatos - MA Arcoscephale - Signed up
    Wolvenswan - MA vanheim - Signed up
    CWalker - LA Ulm - Signed up
    CKscientist - EA Pangaea -
    Prester John - EA Neifelheim - Signed up
    Vauron - LA Marignon - Signed up
    Xsporck (aka Xsplock) - EA Mictlan - Signed up

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