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    This thread is basically to serve as an introduction to anyone wants to play (or already plays) Guild Wars 2 (GW2) with us. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the thread and I will update this post as required with additional points. Please post in this thread if you have any questions or anything to add.

    The first thing that you should know is that we play GW2 on the Gunnar's Hold (EU) server. The guild is Rock, Paper, Signet. We have free spaces and if you wish to join you can express your interest in this thread. We currently do not have any strict requirements for joining the guild, but there is an expectation that you participate in events occasionally. We only have one rule: Be excellent to each other.

    The guild is heavily active in all parts of the game and we are led by hawksbane. He is supported by several officers - myself (Krathor - also a moderator here), Noaru, Jha4ceb, MonkeyMonster and Squiz. If you ever have an issue that you wish to discuss privately, please feel free to message us.

    We have recently updated how the hierarchy, ranking structure and access to the guild bank works in our guild. Please take the time to read this thread for more information.

    We often do events together and you can keep up with these in the relevant thread or by following us on Twitter.

    The largest and most regular events that we hold are Guild Missions, which we currently run every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 8PM GMT. We do Bounties, Treks, Rushes and Challenges. We are also about to unlock Guild Puzzles. Usually we run Bounties, Treks and Rushes on a Wednesday night and then everything together on a Saturday.

    Please note that we use Dulfy's guides frequently when running Missions and you may find it useful to have them open in the background when attending the events.

    The events and our constant buffs generated by the guild run on Influence. We are currently on a drive to maintain our high level of Influence and encourage all members to donate as much as they can.

    We also use Mumble regularly and the details of our server can be found in-game, by pressing 'G' (once you're in the guild and representing it).

    While we frequently run dungeons together and even zerg open zones, [RPS] is a powerhouse in WvWvW. We often work with the wider community and you can register for access to Gunnar's Hold TeamSpeak on the relevant forum.

    We are very active in WvWvW and you can keep up-to-date with any related events in the appropriate sticky. Alongside the set events, we run impromptu roaming groups on an almost nightly basis. If you need motivation to join us in WvWvW, I suggest you check out some of our war stories. Moreover, if you ever need people to play with in WvWvW, just shout out in /G!

    Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all in game!
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    What is this guild bank and how can I use it?
    A few words from your friendly management.

    Where is it?
    The guild bank can be found in all capital cities and upgraded WvW keeps by talking to the NPC with the open chest icon above its head. They're usually next to the regular personal bank NPCs.


    What's in it?
    It has three sections, two of which are accessible by all members of the guild, from Bear Cubs to Paws of Horace.

    The Guild Stash, the first tab, is restricted to more senior members of the guild - usually officers and people that run events. Anybody can place items in it and if you wish to donate anything of value to the guild, we strongly suggest you place it there.

    The Treasure Trove and Deep Cave hold food, potions and other items that should be useful for leveling, running dungeons or just being silly. All members have full access here.

    Can I have "item X"?
    The answer in most cases is Yes!. If you need something from the Guild Stash, please contact Teeth/Paws of Horace and they will be happy to help you.
    If you need something from the other bank tabs, feel free to help yourself, but please be mindful of our one and only rule.

    That rule is "Be excellent to each other" and in this context it means: please be reasonable when withdrawing from the guild bank, the items are there for everybody to use - and try to give back to the guild whenever you can.

    Please contact any of the guild officers in case you have questions or think someone is not acting in a way that keeps the endless one smiling.
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    To reiterate - please take the message above to heart. We don't take too kindly to people who abuse the trust bestowed upon them and will take action accordingly.

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    De-stickying this because we are rolling this thread into the sign-up one. See 'ere.
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    Main character name is Seigous Bearheart. I also play on Duke Witherheart. And Lindenheart.

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