OK so here's the deal: I know there's a handful of us in RPS who've done a lot of sPvP/tPvP, but I suspect that there's a lot more people who want to try it out but either hate playing on their own or find the whole setup too fast and confusing. So, while I consider myself far from an expert at this, I'm willing to run training groups for people less experienced than me.

I can run a tournament team for anyone who's interested in learning (if there's less than 5 of us it'll group us up with puggies). We WILL lose a lot with an inexperienced team but I don't mind my rating tanking, it's not exactly stratospheric anyway... If another pvp regular is willing to help out and lead another team then we can even make 2 groups, and if we get 10-16 people we can instead take over an entire hotjoin server on our own and kill each other with impunity!

All you need to join is mumble, a mic, and a bit of a thick skin as it can get a bit brutal in there! Anyone interested please post to say what night would best suit you. I'm not available Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays (reset night), but can be around any other night