For today is the day of the big blue bang in our household...

Yes, my PSU blew in a spectacularly flashy, noisy (and smelly) way this morning!!

Fortunately, I already had a replacement (a Corsair 430W Modular - and I wish it wasn't modular, because that made it a pain-in-the-ass to install).

There was a minor panic when it didn't work - then I realise the fuse in the cable probably went so changed to the new cable too and voila - all appears well (phew and double phew).

I make this post for a number of reasons tho

1 - to remind people that a spare PSU is a bloody good idea
2 - to remind people that there's a LOT to go bang inside a PSU.
3 - to remind people to check the fuses in their power cables

Why 3? Well the fuse blew in the cable because it was 5a - which is correct, I believe. Thing is, tho, I tested the PSU once removed, using a stock cable, and it repeated it's "blue-bang-flash-pop" but this time MUCH worse. I reckon that's because that cable had a 13a fuse in it (which didn't blow - tho the house circuit tripswitch did!!)

So check your plugs - if they're more than 5a fused, put a 5a in there (unless you're PSU is mysteriously using more than that?) and you will be protecting your kit a bit better.

and as 2 implied, don't faff around with PSUs - they're dangerous...

**heads off to figure-out how to deal with the missing body hair**