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    Ludicrously ambitious video idea: almost certainly impossible. Who's in?

    UPDATE 3 - Scrapping PTS for now, too many variables we can't control. But worth downloading for a future date.

    UPDATE 2 - Bankrotas has suggested the potentially quieter PTS to do this on. Could be great but everyone would need to download the additional client/patch which works out just shy of 9GB in total. Please let me know if this is impossible and we'll scrap it for now, but it would be amazing if everyone can do it!


    UPDATE - We've settled on Tuesday, 25th June, 8pm UK time for the first shoot. Optimum number of people is 8-12, and minimum 4. If by some good fortune we get even more than that I'll just make it even more ambitious/impossible. The more the merrier!


    I've been planning this in my head for what feels like months but I didn't want to waste your time asking for assistance until I was absolutely certain of both what I wanted to do and that I would be willing to see it through. The biggest obstacles now are direction and logistics.

    But let me start from the end. I feel the fun little arthouse music video things I've been doing have pretty much run their course. I intend to do one more season of them (6 episodes) then that will be that. Better to stop before people tell you to, and they've more than served their purpose of being a fun way to learn cinematic techniques and editing. Up til now it's been candid footage that I've watched unfold naturally, but I'd like to now make a completely scripted chase sequence using actors. It'll be for the RPS channel and I have high hopes for it to be something truly memorable. Basically, I want it to be to planetside what the following is to BF3;

    I'm not going to go too into detail about the plan as I'd like it to be a surprise to anyone not directly involved in making it, but I'd need about 4 people skilled at using all air vehicles, at least 4 really good all round drivers and then people to do various infantry roles. I estimate we'd need at least 8 people minimum to make it work and 12 ideally. The biggest problem would be getting all online at the same time, or of course getting people who are up for committing to something that will involve a lot of standing around.

    Anyone game?
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