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    Sure! I did mention this one not too long ago when I put my posterity soundcloud up but it's beastie tetris.

    Found fantomenks quote too, for context I made the song in 2006 but this comment shows up in 2009.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fantomenk
    Found itI dowloaded this ages ago... i just listenend to it for the first time in a long time in my car... i used to listen to this all the time... i am going to make my own version... i would love to do a colab with you someday!
    It should be pointed out that he didn't make his own version and we didn't do a collab . To be honest he wasn't even on my radar when he posted the comment so in a weird way he knew me about a year before I'd even heard his stuff.
    My old sig didn't meet with the community guidelines. This one does but isn't anywhere near as interesting to read.

    You're welcome.

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    That Beastie Tetris is weirdly perfect. As for computer game based rap: ?

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    Neat stuff Jaguar

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