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    According to the interview there's about a 3 hour playthrough time, so permadeath could be working...

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    I think even that's a bit long for my liking. 90 minutes is probably the most I'd be willing to accept.

    I guess it depends though, how likely you are to actually die. Maybe there's only two or three places you actually might die in the whole game while the rest is just making you think you will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus_Phish View Post
    Gravity generator in the facility he's in bringing it in line with Earth's gravity?
    Could be but it would be a shame. It would be more interesting to use the setting instead of always trying to take it to our earth standards...

    It's something I was disapointed in Mass effect. Why not have some planets where your are slower or quicker due to the different gravity ?

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