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    Quote Originally Posted by MadJax View Post
    Granted the fact the "Gay" trait does nothing gameplay wise, but I still would of like to maybe be limited to 2 heirs instead of 3.. just for a BIT of difference. But I see what you're saying, we'd get some who'd say "OMG BAD TRAIT!". My response is : "Meh. That "Gay" character could have and Archmage and a Barbarian King/Queen, whilst the "straight" chars could have 3 knaves..."
    It appears that gay trait is as random as all the others, so whilst occasionally you may get a selection of three characters who are gay you are much more likely to have three who are not.

    Your argument does seem to be a little way down the road to 'why is this character not like me, it's so distracting!'. Not everyone is like you - I know that my gay friends do get excited about tv programmes and what not with gay characters in. This was particularly true ten years or so ago when there were much less gay characters on the screen. I got into Coronation Street because my housemate at the time insisted on watching it because there was a gay storyline. There are hardly any gay characters in computer games and I'm pretty certain that my gay mates would be more likely to choose a character with the gay trait.

    If you want to avoid those characters it's up to you, from my experience I can't think of an instance where all the characters to choose from were gay (although I wasn't paying that much attention to it to be honest), so there will almost always be a choice. You may end up with a character you don't like (although surely only the staunchest homophobe would choose vertigo over gay) but the characters are so disposable your rarely spend that much time with one.

    On the subject of the game proper, I'm really enjoying it. I do think that my progress plateaued after the initial rush of levels but eventually after chipping away at it for a while you'll pretty regularly get characters who can breeze through most of the castle, which guarantees an upgrade or two. I still make incredibly stupid mistakes and some rooms seem incredibly unfair but so it goes, die and start again.

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    I think when you're starting out in the game, and incredibly low in HP and damage.. you really have to be willing to just skip rooms. Sometimes you don't get that luxury with certain layouts, but skipping rooms with a lot of projectiles, platforms over spikes, etc. can help keep you alive long enough to get some gold for upgrades. If you focus on health early on, that can make a huge difference. If you get those first 10 levels into HP, you can save yourself a lot of gold in the long run, and probably a lot of frustration. 100 health can save a lot of frustration.

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    Beat it. Level 151, 270 generations, 20 hours. I put it down for a week, realized I had been playing like a fool, and polished off the last two bosses in two consecutive runs.

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    After reading everyone's thoughts, I may pass on this game... unless it goes to about $5.

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    The game is certainly hard, I unsuspectingly played through it, check it out:

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