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    [VS] The thread of all Threads

    Since we have so many recurring threads, and even more throw away threads, I often find myself having to search through the archives to find a recurring thread. I'm fed up with that, so here are links to all important recurring threads for the VS outfit :

    General discussion

    The state of the game :

    Guides & Questions threads

    Certification guides :

    Thread of all questions ("there is no such thing as a stupid question") :

    Thread of Squad Leading-related questions ("newbie SL question thread") :

    Tips on leading a public squad :

    Weapon Appreciation Society :

    Recurring outfit events

    Monday : Silly mondays :

    Tuesday : Tactical Testing & Training (TTT) :

    Wednesday : TVA Ops / Public platoon :

    Thursday : Strategical Giraffes (StratGir) :

    Giraffe War Room : Tactics And Strategy

    Flying Giraffes : Air squad :

    Tactical Giraffes (TacGir) :

    Important organizational threads

    After action report :

    Mentoring program :

    Mumble discussion :

    Purple Giraffes awards :

    Outfit introduction (how to get the Giraffe rank) :

    Giraffes are beautiful : Outfit's logo, website, etc.

    Logo / Font :

    Website :

    Youtube Channel :

    Special threads

    Ping for Station Cash / Good items offer :

    Off-topic :

    This is a first selection, I probably missed some and there were also several threads I saw but wasn't sure if I should add or not (ex : outfit introduction). So feel free to comment on the selection, and provide me links to others threads if you think they should be included. Also, if you think a thread is not important enough to be in the list, feel free to say it. I will edit according to your suggestions.
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