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FEAR 1 is a decent shooter; if you're into shooters you can't go wrong. Meaty weapons, decent AI and a few scares to be had as well. The level design is horribly uninspired (mostly bland warehouses and office interiors repeated ad nauseum) but isn't a huge problem.

Haven't played the sequels so can't comment on them.
FEAR 1 is definitely a solid shooter. It reminds me, to a degree, of AvP2 in that you have a sense of tension in that you realize that you are actually fairly evenly matched with your opponents so it is all about staying alert, watching your flanks, and conserving ammo. You need to use cover, stay calm, and identify threats quickly.
The expansions are not canon and are pretty weak and much more unbalanced than the original. I suggest skipping them.

FEAR 2 is also a solid shooter, but for very different reasons. If FEAR 1 is the shootout at the end of Unforgiven, FEAR 2 is a game all about The Lobby Scene from the only Matrix movie. Bullets fly everywhere, stuff is constantly exploding, and it is glorious.
The expansion/DLC is nothing special, but if you enjoyed FEAR 2 you'll enjoy that.

Never played FEAR 3, been on my to-do list for a while.

Also: None of the games are scary unless you were indoctrinated by hollywood and japan to such a degree that the mere sight of a little girl with dark hair makes you poop yourself. Otherwise, FEAR 1 is mostly "Aww, its Alma here to say hello" (outside of one sequence in the first expansion that actually IS somewhat tense and scary) and FEAR 2 is "God damn it, crazy Alma is attacking me again" with one particularly great sequence at the end "Wait... is she... yup, she is raping me. Wow"