Just thinking out loud here, and it was more practical to start a thread rather than post in each game topic.
Anyway, after months playing and lots of games played we seem to have hit a burn out.
This is just a personal reflection I'm making after realising that the three games I'm currently on are stopped and show no sign of life. And given that this forum is also pretty quiet I'm thinking most of us have gotten into a "too much solium" state.
Are you feeling the same or is it just me? I love the game and I'd love to continue the games I'm in but still, I'm not desperately checking dropbox to see if there are new turns like I used to.

Maybe too many games, maybe too much downtime between turns. I don't know, I just don't feel like scheming and planning and crushing you with my mighty juggernaut boot.
Maybe I just need vacations, work and uni are killing me.