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    Distributed computing

    Is anyone here participating in any distributed computing projects? I've decided I want to contribute something to science, and some of these distributed computing projects seem an easy way to do that. I've signed up for a few that use the BOINC client (seti, rosetta, einstein and the two CERN projects), which seems a relatively straightforward way to contribute to a few different projects. I've previously contributed to folding@home, but I like the variety of projects on BOINC.

    Anyone doing anything similar, or any tips for good projects?

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    How about mining bitcoins for me? I would use them responsibly.

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    There's a few games that playing them help scientists to do science.

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    I've taken part in several such projects in the past, mainly on BOINC, however I stopped doing so after witnessing the effects on my energy bill. Depending on where you live and/or how you pay for energy, that may be a non-issue, though.

    However, I suppose it would no problem in setting up RPS Group(s) for people who are interested.
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    I only ever participated fairly briefly in Seti@Home and Folding@Home, perhaps 15 and 10 years ago respectively. My impression is that distributed computing was a big thing back when it was a novel concept, and back when the internet was still populated largely by nerds. These days the geeks have bitcoin, and most people have lives.
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