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How the crap do you have "positive homophobia"?
Is the Homophobia shown in a positive light, like the good thing to do? Or does a character just show some homophobia? Having a Homophobic character in a novel doesn't make that novel homophobic. If it's the defining trait of the great Hero main character, then sure... but if it's just a feature, not shown as a positive thing, then no.

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Yes, I'm aware of that explanation. Are you also aware of the word "buggery"? As in "to bugger" someone? Are you aware that it was a word used in criminal law to define homosexual acts between men, amongst other "unnatural" penetrative acts? Considering OSC's views and beliefs, I would hardly pass it off as anything closely resembling coincidence. They are shown to be attacking humanity, are they not? Let's see... the Buggers are attacking humanity. Hmm... Yeah, you don't see it?

He knew that word. He knew its history. He didn't use it for the fun of it. He. Was. Making. A. Point.
Quite aware of it, yes. And yes, the Buggers are attacking humanity. But, the Buggers are ultimately found to be misunderstood (they attacked humans not realising they were sentient, things sort of spiralled from that), and are redeemed in the end. So, the point he was making is that, due to politics and human nature and misunderstandings between people, terrible things happen, but ultimately that's the wrong way to go, and if everyone (humans & formics, gays & non-gays) just get together and communicate, everything is cool. Or, the Buggers may have thrown the first stone, but ultimately, their persecution and eradication is a bad thing, so homophobia, and the persecution of homosexuals is a bad thing, drummed up by man's natural instincts to attack what they see as alien, and through political expediency and exigency. Hmmm... you don't see that? That in the end OSC actually doesn't want to attack homosexuals.

Why attribute to malice something which may have just been an unfortunate choice of derogatory term for the antagonists of the book?