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'tis a good book. One Christmas many years a go a friend of mine bought a copy for everyone he was giving gifts to.
I have found Paulo Coelho to be a hit and miss kind of writer, The Winner Stands Alone was quite good while The Fifth Mountain was shit that felt as if it had been written by some third rate televangelist.

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The Blade itself, Joe Abercrombie. The entirely male cast is a bit offputting but oh well.
I usually prefer having an all male cast in fantasy fiction because I've found that most writers suck at portraying women. There are only a handful of mainstream authors that are good at depicting women as people rather than the sexist, patronizing stuff video games and comics are full of, China Mieville, GRR Martin(Cersei is probably my favorite character in fiction), Sapkowski, Neal Stephenson and Terry Pratchett being the ones I can recall.