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I just picked up a collection of Lovecraft's work, edited in chronological order. I've only read 3 short stories so far, but they all seemed to have a theme of "I had a vivid imagination once, and now I'm crazy forever." I'm assuming his plots branch out as he matured as a writer.
Most of his stuff is pretty much that. There are a few outstanding tales but the "I'm crazy forever" or the "I've seen things so horribly incomprehensible that I'm going to commit suicide" it's a staple of his narrative.
but besides that being how most of his tales begin and/or end. What happens in between it's usually different.
Of course his narrative is built around the concept of the things that are beyond our comprehension and the insignificance of man in the larger scheme. So you're going to end up seeing patterns through most of his work.

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How do you mean?
The link in his signature