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    I finished Jack Campbell's Tarnished Knight, book one of the new Lost Stars series which is going to cover events and people from his Lost Fleet series. Tarnished Knight is about Iceni and Drakon and events in the Midway system that took place while Jack Geary was off to other places.

    The book felt a bit short. I'm not sure if it actually is, but it's sort of building up to something and then ends fairly abruptly before the something happens. If you've read Lost Fleet and Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier in particular, you know what happens after the book ends, so I suppose it makes sense for it to end where it does, but ... it still feels a little too sudden.
    I hope the story will be continued in a later book.

    I would also say that having read at least the two books in the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series, and preferably the six books in Lost Fleet too, is practically a requirement for reading Tarnished Knight. If you haven't, I think there'll be a number things that will seem poorly explained.
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