Finished Brandon Sanderson's first book of his "Stormlight Archive" series last night. Not huge on how the first third to half of the book was a giant infodump of fantasy names (Kindle's X-Ray is amazing for this crap), but it definitely ramped up to being some of his best work for the second half. Very much looking forward to the next nine books.

Also, I love the fact that Sanderson is already planning for a "crisis on infinite earths" style crossover between all his universes. Probably won't come to fruition for at least 10-20 years seeing as how, while the man is a freak, he has 9 more Stormlight books and probably 6 more Mistborn, not to mention his other work to go before it will be anything more than "Vin meets Kaladin". But still looking forward to seeing how everything ties together since the Stormlight Archives already seems to be written with this in mind as a certain character from the multiverse is playing a pretty big role (and it is implied that events may apply to multiple worlds).