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I dunno, Martin's work has largely started to feel like the vast majority of Marvel's "adult" comics (the MAX imprint) in that it feels like he is just running off a checklist. And the problem, much like with modern horror films, is that it just desensitizes the reader.

In a lot of ways, I view Martin as doing for "dark fantasy" what Frank Miller did for comics. The series he is most known for (Song of Ice and Fire/Dark Knight Returns) did a lot of interesting stuff (that, admittedly, had already been done in a lot of ways) and did a damned fine job of it. But it was also VERY flawed and went off the deep end in some ways. But what is most important is that it opened the doors and allowed MUCH better writers to do similar stuff, but better/different.
Ick MAX. It is just add blood and sex and stuff to normal comics. Nothing really deeper going on.

I'm not sure about that. Miller, despite all his insane libertarian flaws, was saying something a bit deeper than usual with Batman. He made batman a far more psychological character with depth that didn't quite exist before. Though I agree better writers have gone on to do far more interesting stuff with Bats.