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Neuromancer by William Gibson. Someone just sold 3 megabytes of hot RAM. Little did the 80's know how hilarious that sounds now. The book is very enjoyable so far though, it evokes a great cyberpunk atmosphere.
It's nowhere near as dated as you might expect, though. I think part of his genius is his setting still manages to seem like a futuristic world where "three megabytes of hot RAM" is a mysterious and alluring prize, rather than a relic of the distant past. You know, if you're at all familiar with technology, that this is a comically failed piece of futurist thinking but at the same time you can see the people in the book behave pretty much like you'd expect in a noir SF universe for which it is also a cool and awesome thing.

Like the man himself has said, he writes - and always has written - about people rather than technology. It's more obvious in his later stuff but it was always there from the start.