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It's kinda funny when you know that one character in The Mirror say that poetry shouldn't be translated.
"Artistic creation, after all, is not subject to absolute laws, valid from age to age; since it is related to the more general aim of mastery of the world, it has an infinite number of facets, the vincula that connect man with his vital activity; and even if the path towards knowledge is unending, no step that takes man nearer to a full understanding of the meaning of his existence can be too small to count." - Andrey Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time, translated by Kitty Hunter-Blair

Would that I could read Homer, Calvino or Dostoevsky in their original form! But I have too many books to read, and hardly enough time for even that. For what it's worth, the untranslated poems are included in Cyrillic at the end of the book. Don't forget that The Mirror is about deeply flawed, agonizingly human characters. That's what makes it so powerful.