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    IMPORTANT NOTICE - Guild member activity survey

    Hey everyone,

    as you might have noticed, the guild roster of "Rock, Paper, Signet" has recently reached its maximum capacity of 500 members. Obviously, this is less than what we would have wished for and in a perfect GW2 world, we would have as many guild members as there people interested in joining.

    Sadly, that's not the case. While some people take a pause from playing the game, new people would like to actively partake in the guild's community. Therefore, we have decided that it is time to contact players that haven't logged into the game for a longer while and check back with them if they are just on a momentary hiatus or if they aren't planning to get back into the game in the foreseeable future. Edit: This means, we are not going to kick people from the guild just because they have paused playing for a few weeks. What we're trying to achieve is to identify players who won't be playing for a long time (like several months or longer) or who have lost interest in the game and don't plan to come back at all.

    To this end, we are sending out in-game messages to all player accounts on the guild roster that have no achievement points listed. Obviously, this is a workaround at the moment, since Arenanet hasn't yet provided us with the means to check the last date of login for a given account.

    So, if you haven't played the game in a while but would still like to stay listed as a guild member, do contact us either here or in-game. Of course, if you find you have already been removed from the guild roster, please feel free to post a short message in the introductions thread and we will re-instate you as a guild member.

    Hopefully, an increase of the maximum guild roster capacity will be made available in the future. Until then, we hope that we don't step on anyone's toes with this course of action and that this workaround will work out as intended.

    officers of [RPS] + squirrelfanatic
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