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    looks like the meth-heads have found r/planetside again

    Imagine that shit on miller if it landed on daddy. Just four hours of flying to the quietest parts of the map and only engaging tiny groups of infantry.
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    that's why there would be a mod to help in such situation. I actually have seen daddy in battles lately.
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    Well you can see him. But only until AA shows up. Then the aircav is off to greener pastures.
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    Or if it landed on INI. I used to have a certain amount of respect for them but recently I only seem to see them farming in bases that are being totally zerged by TR.
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    Sounds like a good idea to try out the observer cam Jag. Start on a sniper, who shoots a dude in a tech plant, observer cam zooming through a slowed down landscape to see the hit, that dude goes down but only after shooting another dude, and so on.

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