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    Kickstarter - WARMACHINE: Tactics

    Edit - Goal of 550k Achieved. I am hilariously happy.

    Hail RPS, longtime reader and forum lurker but this finally made me get my ass in gear and make a forum accout. Hi.

    So! to the point. Privateer Press has finally decided to make a Turnbased Tactics Warmachine game. As a huge fan of Matt Wilson, their Creative Diretor who paints really awesome steampunk robots, Privateer Press and tactics games in general I thought I'd share this, since i havent seen it on the forums yet.
    at the time im posting this they've made 80ish percent of their 500k goal.

    Teaser here and a much more indepth video on the kickstarter page. These guys know what they're doing and have the video to back it up. I am hugely excited by this.

    check it
    Cheers dudes.
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    The guys at Privateer Press showed game footage before, about maybe two years ago now. I think it was even covered by RPS at one point. I wonder what ever happened to it.
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    It looks amazing !
    Best of luck !

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    Hey congrats on reaching your goal. :} Looks epic!

    ... now if you could just make it real time...

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