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    Skyrim Panoramas

    Hello, Rock Paper Shotgun! One of my hobbies is creating panoramas, and I eventually started making some while playing through Skyrim. I tend to overexplain things, so for now, I've decided to just present my results so far and see what you folks think.

    Blargh! Okay, one more thing: On the site, at least for now, most non-thumbnail images are browser-scaled to fit the window, but you can middle-click the gallery links (or do many other clicky/tappy things) to view the full versions.

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    Very nice! I especially like the vertical one, as it's rarely done (right).
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    Thanks, thanks!

    Yeah, vertical panoramas do seem pretty rare. For the one I posted here, I had in mind a similarly-framed panorama I saw years ago of a (spiral?) staircase. The closest I've found with Google is this. For my other vertical panoramas, I framed them in ways that I thought seemed interesting, but they ended up looking pretty weird when viewing just the top section.

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