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I would disagree with this completely, I would say this is the worst thing you can do! One of the things people were worrying about in this country when they were thinking of bringing laws that allowed you to use force, and I believe them when they say this. They were saying that if your allowed to use force and maybe even kill them burgalers will basically shoot first without a doubt. Meaning you go from a crime that is basically just stealing items and items are really not that valuable you can get them back and maybe fearing for a little while. To having you or some of your family murdered...
Except that for the burglar, it will be a conscious and calculated decision of "There is a good chance I might kill someone, and the sentence for that is much worse than breaking and entering, rape, etc".

Sidebar: I have a lot of family in New York and I've been mugged twice (and my cousin four times, since he actually lives there... and is an idiot). It sucks, it is terrifying, and it is really annoying (protip: If you are at all going near a shady area and you can't avoid it, remove the credit cards and driver's license and the like from your wallet, shove them in your shoes, and just leave 40 or 60 bucks in the wallet. That way you aren't really out much and you can focus on calling the cops BEFORE calling your credit card company to cancel said cards. By keeping a decent amount of cash in the wallet and just giving the guy a wallet you won't look like you are "holding out", and most criminals will probably realize that they have a profit and should run, rather than try to get you to give them your cards). But the thing is, each time the mugger never actually pulled a gun. The first time the guy had a knife, and the second guy just acted very menacingly. Why? Because the gun raises the sentence and using the gun raises it even further.

Similar principle here. With the knowledge that the victim might fight back, the criminals looking for a victim are discouraged. The criminals who are trying to slip in and out won't even dare to risk a robbery while people are inside. That just leaves the people who were prepared to use deadly force to begin with, and it is THOSE people who I would like to have an option against.

Now, obviously this isn't perfect. Idiots don't think things through, and I think we can all agree that a lot of criminals are idiots. And yes, some criminals might decide to "up their game". But many others will decide "Not worth it, wait until we KNOW nobody is there". It is just a matter of ratios.