Quick Personal Intro
Hi guys, I only just registered and started posting some days ago, so some introductory words won't go amiss. My IRL name is Matt. I'm part of an indie game dev team out of Sydney (Australia), called Quantum Shade Interactive. We only officially started out earlier this year, so we're fairly new. But in that short time, we managed to win "Best Game" @ Global Game Jam - Sydney 2013, got grant funding from Screen NSW and became a top 10 finalist for the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards 2013. We're not too bad.

About Protocol E:
I'm posting now because I wanted to let you know about our flagship project called "Protocol E". It's a pretty ambitions, almost arrogant title in that it tries to completely upturn 20 years of RTS tradition and introduce a new control scheme. In recent years, especially with the advent of StarCraft 2, micro-management has become a really important part of winning. To me, the main thing about this project is that it tries to re-emphasise STRATEGY in the term RTS by reducing the amount of micro needed to be competitive. So you win and lose by your STRATEGIES and the decisions you make, not by how good you micro.

Official Website: http://www.quantumshade.com/protocol-e/
Play the prototype: http://www.quantumshade.com/protocol...c-prototype-3/
Our public FB page: https://www.facebook.com/QuantumShadeInteractive

Raw Prototype Footage


Appeal for Support
It would be cool if you could click the links above and take a bit of a look. Any kind of feedback would be awesome! I myself am particularly interested in how well the tutorial level works in actually teaching you how to play. And if you want to be updated about the project, it would be cool if you "Liked" our public FB page (that's going to make our financiers at Screen NSW & Metro Screen happy).