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    Crytek site login problems: known issue for 4 months

    After recently reinstalling my PC, I went to play Crysis 2, but found I couldn't log into Hmm, no worries, I'll reset my password. Hmm, email not found. Okaaaaaaaaaay, I'll try to create a new account using that email. Er, email already found. WTF?

    Since I couldn't log into Crytek, I went through EA support. After 1.5 hours, they admit it's a known issue (WHY NOT TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?). On the Crytek site, I find a 165 page thread with people having this problem:

    It's been going on 4 months with seemingly no solutions. I've posted in the thread but I have no hope of it making a difference. Can any of the RPS guys enquire with Crytek as to what the hell is going on? When i asked the EA guy what I should do, he suggested - I'm not kidding:

    Drailand B.: <in-html>There is no support line for Crytek, you will have to </in-html>reach them by email or mail a letter.
    858073986: Mail a letter? You are joking.

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    Wow... that's pretty shocking.
    Disclaimer: The above statement or statements are most likely completely incorrect, incoherent and a little insulting to boot. Please disregard immediately and contact the closest person or persons with the ability and will to restore your faith in humanity.

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